Seven Secrets for Successfully Selling Books

13 10 2021

by Brian Jud
Bowker | Tue Oct 5, 2021
 The trek to special-sales success can be long, arduous and frustrating — but at the same time personally rewarding and profitable. Through it all, a strong and determined attitude can serve as the GPS on your path to success. There are several basic axioms in book marketing in general (and special sales in particular) that may have a negative impact on your attitude. Know in advance that these are going to occur, and the negative impact on your attitude may be reduced. 

  • Rejection is a way of life. Be forewarned that you will be rejected far more times than you will be accepted, and this may wear away at your attitude. But do not take rejection personally. That is easy to say, yet it can be done if you accept rejection as a challenge to learn, improve your strategy and tactics and thereby increase the likelihood that you will close the sale next time.
  • People make decisions on their schedules, not on yours. One of the problems with setting a sales objective is that it is based on your forecasts and your presumptions of what people will buy and when they will buy it. However, your potential customers do not know this. They only know what they want and when they want it. Their needs and deadlines may not coincide with yours. Your prospects may have promotions planned for next year and your book will fit nicely with them. But they will not buy until next year regardless of your goal.  
  • The order is rarely as much as you had hoped. Again, buyers purchase what they need, not what you forecast. And since many buy on a non-returnable basis, they will not commit to a large quantity until it has proven successful. 

 Think of the elements of your attitude as you would the spokes of a wheel on an old Conestoga wagon. All the spokes must be in place if the wheel is to function properly for the length of the trip. If one or more of them is broken, the wheel could be crushed under the pressure of the wagon. Similarly, you have seven “spokes” to maintain for an effective book-marketing attitude. They enable you to remain competent, professional, enthusiastic and successful throughout your journey to sell your books in special markets. These seven Cs are:            1) Courage. It takes a little bravery to break free from your habits of selling only to bookstores. Leaving your comfort zone is never easy, yet it must be done. In special-sales marketing, it also takes courage to… • seek assistance in your quest. You do not have to go through all this alone. For example, if you need sales help, hire a consultant or join an APSS Mastermind Group and benefit form OPM – Other People’s Minds.  • accept responsibility for your circumstances. Blaming unresponsive prospects for lost sales will not solve your problem. Discover what went wrong and then correct it. • go on the offense. At times you may feel as if you have lost control and that the potential customers “hold all the cards.” If you relinquish control of your actions, you will end up selling only to bookstores and libraries rather than soliciting new markets and opportunities. One way to go on the offensive is to be assertive during negotiations. A sales call is analogous to a sporting event: you can only score when you have possession of the ball. If the interviewer controls the ball for the entire game, you may not get to make your presentation. If you simply “attend” a negotiation without actively participating, you will not score many points. • try different approaches. It takes valor to attempt something untried, and this is exactly what you must do to shake up your thinking and be creative in the action you take. 2) Commitment is the knowledge that “If it’s to be it’s up to me,” as Brian Tracy implored. Commitment is also the ability to devote your entire focus on the attainment of your objective. It is the discipline to continue trying in the face of adversity and rejection. Commitment is the understanding that you are not perfect, and therefore you must continue evaluating your results and trying different tactics, using trial-and-error and learning from your mistakes.        3) Competition, or the spirit of vying with others for a prize, may be more successful if you direct your competition toward yourself instead of others. Competition does not have to be against others for you to win. Compete with yourself to contact one more person per day this week than you did last week. Look for ways to make your selling skills better than they were yesterday but not as good as they will be tomorrow. Seek one more idea to solve a problem. Attempt to improve yourself in some way, every day. Improve on your actions and skills and you are more likely to become successful more quickly. From a different perspective, some authors feel that their content is unique and they have no competition. That is untrue in retail marketing where you are competing against other books for shelf space, media time and share of wallet. It is also untrue when selling to corporate buyers where you compete against coffee mugs, umbrellas, golf shirts and many other promotional items.  4) Confidence is the ability to entrust yourself with your future. Self-confidence will bolster your courage to perform all the tasks you may be reluctant to do. It will enable you to make cold-calls in person or to pick up that “200-pound telephone” and make more sales calls.           5) Concentration. The most points scored in football games are made in the last two minutes before the end of each half. The players are concentrating on getting the points on the board before time runs out. They are not thinking about what happens if they lose, but on scoring the points necessary to win. Play the special-sales game as if you are always in the last two minutes of the second half. Concentrate on the rewards of success, not the consequences of failure. Progress in special sales has less to do with speed than it does with direction. Concentration serves as the compass with the arrow pointed directly and unfailingly at your goal. 6) Creativity can help you make a molehill out of a mountain. The dictionary defines creativity, “to cause to exist; bring into being; originate.” If you are to be successful in special-sales marketing, you must cause opportunities to happen. There will be cases in which your prospective customers have never used books as a premium or sold books in their stores. Your creativity will serve you well by demonstrating to them how they could use books in new ways. Sell your romance novel to limousine services, or your book on leadership to coaches in high school or college sports. Find new ways to make sales happen. 7) Control. Some people define control as a restraining act, the need to hold back or curb something. But it is really a dynamic process, as one controls a horse with the reins. It is the ability to recognize an opportunity that comes to you on the spur of the moment, evaluate and pursue it even though it was not part of your original plan. Control requires adjustments to compensate for predictable and unforeseen circumstances as you move toward your objective. With control, you can apply your creativity professionally. It directs your commitment so you can pursue your goals. It helps you use your confidence for productive means. A controlled grip on your anxiety will give you the courage to continue with your efforts even after you have been rejected most of the time. And it ensures that you maintain your competitive edge. Think of controlling your book-marketing activities as you would driving and maintaining your car. You turn it on, put it in gear, direct it toward your destination, determine the speed with which you move ahead, make corrections in your course, schedule it for regular maintenance and add fuel periodically.  Work with the ideas presented here to monitor your attitude, then increase your sales and profitability in special-sales markets. Use what is good for you and your titles. Keep an open mind, look for new opportunities and make it happen. It is all up to you.  —————————————————————————————————————— Brian Jud is the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS – and author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books (second edition published in August, 2021) and Beyond the Bookstore. Contact Brian at or and twitter @bookmarketing   


10 09 2021

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20 07 2021

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Print Book Sales Soar in Year’s First Half

12 07 2021

How to Land and Perform on TV and Radio Shows

30 06 2021
Brian Jud is the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales, an author, media trainer, and former co-host of the Writer’s RoundTable radio show and host of the television series The Book Authority that aired over 650 shows. It is the longest continuously running cable TV show in Connecticut. He has been the guest on over 1200 television and radio shows, including Today and CNN.In addition, he is the author, narrator, and producer of the media-training video program You’re on The Air. He also wrote and published its companion guides, It’s Show Time and Perpetual Promotion. These describe techniques for authors to get on and perform on television and radio shows.Brian is the CEO of Book Marketing Works, providing media training and marketing consulting for authors and book publishers.Connect with Brian:
REMINDER: This is exclusively an online event via Zoom.
Link for the morning session will be provided in a separate email sent out Friday evening, July 9th, between 8:45 and 9 PM. If you are a current BAIPA member OR you have pre-registered and do not receive that email, please reach out to Info and to Register
BAIPA MEMBERS: ALL CURRENT MEMBERS will receive the Zoom info for the morning session automatically on Friday evening. There is no afternoon workshop in July. AND everyone who registered for the morning session will also get the Zoom information for those events on Friday evening, between 8:30 and 9 PM Pacific.The best way to ensure that you will get your Zoom link in a timely manner is to either be a current member of BAIPA or pre-register by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 9th. Thanks! How Much?$20 for non-members for the morning session. If you are a member of BAIPA, there is no charge for the morning session.
 ATTN: NON-MEMBERS: Membership is currently $10/month, with automatic renewal. You can attend the morning session for a onetime $20 non-member fee OR you can join for only $10/month, and cancel anytime.

Also, there are many other benefits to being a member of BAIPA, including discounted rates for afternoon workshops, access to ALL recordings of previous presentations, and much moreCome join us! THE DAY’S SCHEDULE
9-9:45 am Open Q & A
10-10:45 am Introductions & Announcements
11 am-12:15 pm Program: Amazon Optimization: How to Sell More Books with 7 Tweaks to Your Amazon Listing with Geoff Affleck, #1 bestselling author and award-winning publishing consultant

First Saturdays unless holiday weekendAUGUST 7th: Penny Sansevieri speaking about how to lay the foundation for bigger book sales. There WILL be an afternoon workshop with Penny, where she will do a deep dive into the topics touched on in her morning presentation.SEPTEMBER 11th: Brian O’Leary, Executive Director for BISG (source of BISAC categories and more) on the latest publishing trends. (second Saturday) OCTOBER 2nd: Michele Cobb on getting your titles into librariesStay tuned for more!

For now, our regular monthly meetings are being held via Zoom on the FIRST Saturday of the month, except for holiday weekends, such as Independence Day and Labor Day weekends, when the meeting will be held on the second Saturday. 


23 06 2021
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11 06 2021
Children’s books—young adult, middle grade, and picture books—have taken over the publishing industry (in a good way). Readers of all ages are devouring the books that used to mainly take up space in libraries, children’s bedroom bookshelves, or school classrooms. Now, children’s books are celebrated for their enchanting prose, their relatable characters, their beautiful illustrations, and their fantastic stories that transcend age categories and genres. The growth of the children’s book sector has been unprecedented this past decade—so how can you make your manuscript stand out in these crowded categories and genres?

In this Writer’s Digest Boot Camp starting June 22, the agents of P.S. Literary Agency will show you how to make your submission stand out. How do you write a children’s book with commercial appeal? How do you decide what category and genre your book belongs in? How do you find agents and publishers to submit your manuscript to? How can you attract both child and adult readers (and buyers)? The agent instructors will answer these questions—and more! They will also critique your work and answer any questions you have about writing and selling books for children.

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Maria Vicente is a literary agent at P.S. Literary, specializing in children’s fiction and nonfiction projects for readers of all ages. As an editorial agent, she provides support to her clients through all stages of the writing and publication process. Her publishing career began as an intern with Bree Ogden at D4EO Literary Agency, and she also interned at P.S. Literary before joining the agency as an associate agent. Maria holds a B.A. in English Literature from Carleton University and a B.Ed. from the University of Western Ontario. She has affinities for literary prose, diverse characters, original storytelling formats, and anything geeky.
Eric Smith-1
Eric Smith is a literary agent at P.S. Literary, with a love for young adult books, sci-fi, fantasy, and non-fiction. He began his publishing career at Quirk Books in Philadelphia, working social media and marketing on numerous books he absolutely adored. Eric completed his BA in English at Kean University, and his MA in English at Arcadia University. A frequent blogger, his ramblings about books appear on Book Riot, Paste Magazine, Barnes & Noble’s blog, and more. As an author, he’s been published by Bloomsbury, Quirk, and Flux.
Stephanie Winter-1
Stephanie Winter is an associate agent at P.S. Literary. She first joined the agency as an intern before becoming the agency’s relations assistant. Stephanie holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto in English Literature and an M.A. in English: Issues in Modern Culture from University College London. She is looking for diverse, inclusive voices in fiction and graphic novels for adults and young readers. Stephanie particularly appreciates strong characters who bend stereotypes and genders, and works that champion the LGBTQ+ community, mental health, and women in STE(A)M. 
Register NOW! Sells Out Fast!June 22-25, 2021

100+ Grammar Rules for Writers

24 05 2021

8 Ways to Add Suspense to Your Novel

12 05 2021

25 Plot Twist Prompts for Writers

10 05 2021
Writers Digest
WD Monday Motivation
25 Plot Twist Prompts for WritersWriting is a tricky craft. Sometimes getting a story started is the hardest part. Other times, it’s figuring out the grand finale. And then, there are all the twists and turns between the beginning and the end. That’s where this post aims to help.(25 ways to start a story.)After all, that’s where a majority of the writing and the reading is done. But most fun stories don’t follow a simple Point A to Point B path even if the plot is as simple as a fellowship of characters delivering a ring from one place to another. In fact, most stories worth reading take more than a few side paths and alleyways on their way to the end.So I’ve collected 25 plot twist ideas and prompts to help writers spark new directions in their stories when they’re feeling stuck. Read the full article…