Amazon’s CreateSpace Lay Off More Staff in its Full Service Division

27 02 2018

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If Ebooks are Software, It’s Time for Version 2.0

10 12 2014

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THE AURA OF DESTINY – A gripping novel of time and chance.

10 07 2013

GetAttachmentPeter Matthews has directed a strange diary to his father, Jack – who will not be born for almost two hundred years. Reported drowned off the coast of Tahiti, Peter describes in his manuscript how a shimmering rainbow-like aura sent him hurtling more than two hundred years back in time. While gripping events challenge him in his new world, Peter – who is given the Tahitian name Manu – falls in love with the beautiful native girl Tiare. As the warrior Manu, he leads his province in battle against a powerful enemy, and over time witnesses history repeat itself; and he describes how extraordinary developments carry him to Jamaica where his life will once again hang in the balance. Determined to learn the truth behind the manuscript, Jack Matthews locates Dr. Heinrich Werner, a psychiatrist who knew Peter while also vacationing in Tahiti, and who Peter had mentioned in his diary. After meeting Dr. Werner and hearing his theories behind the manuscript, the two men embark on a riveting search for Peter in Tahiti. The Aura of Destiny is a roller coaster ride of adventure and suspense told in the present day and eighteenth century Tahiti. It is the love story of Peter and Tiare; it relives key moments in history; it captures the island’s beauty and culture; and, its electrifying ending just might take your breath away.

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The Kindle Swindle

25 04 2011

eBooks are the next frontier for content farmers and an increasing
number of spam eBooks are hitting eBookstores like the Kindle

From:  Dan Poynters eNewsletter

Reasons to write a book

9 08 2010

There are many rea­sons to write a book.

Some are enhanced cred­i­bil­ity, to leave a legacy, to help other peo­ple, to make money, and a few more.

The book will bring you more cred­i­bil­ity than any­thing else you can do. You can invest your time in writ­ing a screen­play, pub­lish­ing a line of greet­ing cards, or teach­ing a Work­shop. All are viable con­tri­bu­tions to soci­ety but none will give you the cred­i­bil­ity of being a pub­lished author.

Peo­ple think if you wrote a book you know some­thing. And you prob­a­bly do because in order to write a book you not only use your accu­mu­lated knowl­edge, you read every­thing else that has ever been pub­lished on your sub­ject. You study other books, mag­a­zine arti­cles, web­sites, blogs, inter­view experts, and so on. You take that infor­ma­tion, dis­till it down, focus it to a par­tic­u­lar type of indi­vid­ual reader, and give them the answers they are pay­ing you for.

In effect, you’re giv­ing your­self an advanced degree in your sub­ject. You are giv­ing your­self a PhD. After all, you are doing the research and you are writ­ing the paper.
Dan Poynter/Para-Publishing