My Services are customized to your specific needs.  My passion for the business has always been focused on helping the first time author/writer/self-publisher/independent publishers.

Services include:

Publisher Consulting (Book Shepherd)

Proofreading, Developmental Editing, Copyediting, Line editing, ISBN, Bar codes, Library of Congress Control numbers, cover design, text layout/design, promotional pieces, etc

Offset printing – web/sheet fed, POD, Commercial and offshore color printing.    Project Management.  Public Speaking.  Branding.  

What services that I cannot provide personally, I have a team that can!

My business is now officially International with clients in Mexico, S. Africa, Peru and Sweden!!!


4 responses

18 10 2011
Gary Towner

Please give me your average rates to convert a published novel (mine is called Pestilence) to a movie script.

18 10 2011
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello Gary,
That is not something that I do personally. Here is the info I posted:
Screenwriter Danek Kaus wrote:

“I’m a produced screenwriter of an award-winning thriller out later this year. Got a great review in Variety. I was also recently hired by a production company to adapt a book for the big screen.”

I can adapt any author’s book into a screenplay, which can make for an easier sell of movie rights to Hollywood. For more information on my services, visit:

Good Luck,

11 01 2014

Great to meet you Penny. You provide some services that I have never seen offered before…like email blasts and library mailings. I use my own version of email blasts to promote my blog and it certainly gets good results. I will keep this in mind when I publish my second novel in the spring.

11 01 2014
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello Bev, Thanks for mentioning this, I need to change this info, I am no longer offering library mailings, unfortunately there was not enough interest for me to justify the fees. I can however certainly tell you where this service is available.

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