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4 05 2012
James Goi Jr.

Hello Penny,
I’m in the process of starting my own publishing company and will need guidance and help with basically everything, so I’d like to learn about your publishing consulting services.
Thank you…
James Goi Jr. (author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power)

4 05 2012
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello James,
I looked at your website, I’d be happy to talk to you! I will send you a private email shortly.

7 05 2014
Tommy Boyd

Hello, im Tommy Boyd I work at the 3379 walmart store in Tucson Arizona, im interested in placing my book on the shelf at my store, it’s an inspirational book called “write the vision ” the reason, well theres very little inspirational books on the shelfs there ,and the same as bibles, I feel it’ll be a good promotion for our Wal-Mart store, and also a legacy for my daughter and granddaughter, and ill bring in a lot of business from customers that know me doing the 6years we’ve been open , so if this is whom I have to speak with ,then please consider and allow my book to be part of my Walmart store . thank you. Ps. If this isn’t the right contact please connect me to the right one.

16 05 2014
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

I have a post on my blog, I am not the contact, but please read that posting again and hopefully you’ll get a better idea of who you need to contact. If you do make contact with them and they discuss carrying your book, make sure you are careful about the “return policy”. If you are just interested in your local store, try asking for the store manager and find out who their “buyer” is.
Good luck!

26 06 2014
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello Tommy,
Just checking in to see if you succeeded in getting your book in your local Walmart. I have an
appt. with one of my local Walmarts on 7/7 to promote one of my customer’s books. It’s a different
procedure if you’re trying to go national or just regional. Anyway, let me know where you stand.

26 06 2014
Larry Who

I am the process of starting a publishing company and have just realized that printing a 350-page book is not as easy as I thought. Do you offer advice on where a book can be printed? 2000 copies or so.

26 06 2014
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Of course Larry, please feel free to give me a call.

29 04 2017
barbara blackmon

how can i get my first published poetry book into walmart stores

2 05 2017
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello Barbara,
It’s been awhile since I’ve checked into this with Walmart. My best suggestion is to go to your local Walmart Super Center and try to get an appointment with the store manager. They should be able to direct you to someone in corporate. It’s good that your subject matter is not regional. If you get the appointment a couple things to consider: If you have only one book, it might be hard for them to work directly with you due to billing, they might want you to find a distributor. Another thing to also watch is their return policy, Costco and Walmart and other big box stores do sometimes get a lot of damage with customers throwing books around. If you don’t keep the “return clause” tight you could get a lot of returns just for silly little scratches. If you work with a distributor ask them to “destroy” any returns, you don’t want to be paying a bunch of shipping on damaged books. If you need to get books printed, please give me a shout! Let me know how you do…Penny

17 08 2017
barbara blackmon

i have a poerty book and i would like to know how to get my book in stores if you can let me know how to go by doing it

23 07 2018
Shana Dines

Hello Penny,
I would be interested in getting my books available in Walmart. I am an self-published author and I write in different genres. With the me too movement, I have a book of my memoirs available called Sins of Our Mothers/Skeletons in Our Closets. It is about my triumph over mother/daughter incest. It is unique in several different ways. First mother/daughter incest isn’t discussed very often, second, my father was only fifteen when mother molested him. This is how I was conceived.
I also wrote a novel, called “Daddy’s Girl,” about a young woman who is a victim of incest and how she gets help to overcome the abuse. I have written several short story ghost books and a children’s book to help children and parents deal with death, in this case the death of a beloved grandmother. It is from a Christian perspective and I also illustrated it.
Thank you so much in advance for any help that you may have.
Sincerely Shana Dines

23 07 2018
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Hello Shana,
You are a very strong woman and it’s admirable that you’ve survived this and are reaching out to help others! You have a lot of books, do you have a distributor or are you publishing exclusively via Amazon? Most big stores require a distributor as they can’t handle the billing for a gazillion self publishers. You may also run into some issues if you have sexually explicit scenes in your books. Sadly, the reality is that there is censorship in some areas of this industry. Please give me a call if you’d like to discuss this further…
Penny 916-692-5054

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