11 09 2015


God is a Lion, rich in detail, full of information, photos and stories about Lions is unique among books about Lions as the reader will discover following the author’s in-depth exploration of how the spiritual destiny of human beings is linked to the destiny of the Lion from prehistoric times to the present.

God is a Lion is also a personal story, one woman’s life-long quest in search of the Lion, which led her to leave behind 30 years of life in the Catholic nun hood to seek answers as to why the Lion was so important to her spiritual journey. She arrives at the Namibian Wildlife Refuge, Harnas, in 2012 to be in the presence of living African Lions and there meets Lion Man, Frikkie von Solms, born in the same year as she, 1945. Growing up continents away from each other, their lives reflect parallels and counterpoints of the history which shaped their respective lives in California and Nambia over more than 5 decades of the 20th Century.

God is a Lion, written initially by hand in the presence of two lion brothers, Zion and Trust pictured on the cover front and back combines facts and scientific information with powerful imaginal thinking and language. The author’s use of sensory detail, poetic language, and humor transport the reader from toad collecting in Sacramento, California in the 1950’s all the way to an African star-spangled night ringing with the roars of Lions.

African Trinity
Caracal, you are a casket of red secrets
Cheetah, you, a velocity of dapple light
and Lion, you, with your wide-as-sky-soul, you are
the sun’s heart-beat on earth, on earth, on earth.

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