25 05 2022

Hi, Writer’s Digest Subscriber,

If you’ve ever wondered what your writing talent is really worth…

Check this out:

New writers are wanted across the country right now.

And if you’re a good writer, you could get paid very well.

Because thousands of companies are hiring writers and expect to pay $250… $500… $1,000… even $2,000+ per assignment.

The only catch?

You’ve got to know what the projects are and where to find the companies that are hiring…

I cover nine of the best projects for 2022 in my report:Picture1-2

And you can get a copy of it free, right now, simply by clicking here.

In it, you’ll discover the top nine unique opportunities for writers for 2022… the standard project fees… the types of companies and projects you’ll be able to write for… and exactly how to get started.

That’s NINE different ways to turn your incredible talent into a legitimate and lucrative freelance writing career.

Getting paid well to write is not a far-off dream. (The writers you’ll meet in the report are living proof of that.)

If you’re ready to see what your talent is really worth… and to position yourself to start writing from home, in your spare time, whenever and wherever you want…

Simply click here, and I’ll send your FREE 9 Ways special report immediately.

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI)




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