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I just had my first book published in August of this year.  Even though I have been talking to Penny for years before, I wasn’t ready to jump in before this year.  Penny was patient and loaded with information and suggestions all along the way.  When I started writing, Penny was honest and encouraging but didn’t baby me.  There were times when, for whatever reason, I got stuck and Penny gave me a well deserved kick in the behind!  I’ve been to many writing conferences and was afraid to meet with an editor because they were so intimidating!  Not Penny, she is a real person and has become a friend too.  She also has an excellent and easy to work with team.

Jason Crye, who does layout, is very creative and has outstanding taste. He is also very helpful and reasonably priced.  Color House Graphics  produces a beautiful copy and is efficient and gets your material to you in a timely fashion.

If I self-publish another book, I look forward to working with this wonderful team!

Linda Baker

No One Knew

I had been mentally working on a book about my mother for 40 years. In the last 4 years it had been typed. I meet Penny Callmeyer on a neighborhood blog. I contacted her because she stated she was ready to help writers get to the next step of publishing. She was very patient with me and she has a great group of helpers….graphic designer/photo editor, and printing house. I now have my book. It is so professionally  done. I am so pleased with the final copy. Her suggestions were spot on and really made the entire experience very pleasurable. Without her help, I would just have a pile of papers. In less than 9 Months  my forty year old baby was born with a beautiful professional final copy. Thank you Penny.  Chris Jones

My wife and I have been working with Penny for the last few months. Karen and I are extremely impressed with Penny’s ‘team’ of professionals to whom she has referred us, as well as her absolute compulsiveness in staying on top of the details and always returning phone calls and emails immediately after we initiate any communication. Self-publishing a book in print and every other form of media is extremely complex, and Penny has enabled us to save an enormous amount of time by her stewardship and guidance through the process. Gerald Facciano author, The Drinker’s Guide to Healthy Living

I read every single comment you made after proofing my book and I thought they were all spot on accurate, insightful and very helpful. I have some ideas as to what should be changed, added and taken out. I appreciate all your input.
What I meant by that vague comment was that you helped me see my character as a person, rather than just a figment of my imagination. You helped me see that she was real (even if only in my mind and in my book) and that I needed to treat her as “real.” You helped me see that I needed to develop her into someone people would WANT to read about, someone they could cheer for. By accurate, I meant that you were able to spot the flaws in my character development and help me change that. By insightful I meant that you were able offer suggestions that would benefit the audience, the writer, the characters in the book and the overall story. You caught things that I didn’t, even though it was my thoughts on the paper. I value that. A specific example was when you told me Mallory needed to try new foods while in New Orleans. I never thought of such an intricate yet obvious necessity for someone trying to live life more fully. Very insightful. As for helpful, well, that’s simple. Your ideas helped me carve out a more alluring character and story.
I guess, I do better with analogies. I saw my manuscript while sitting in a cold car with the windshield covered with frost and crystals. I could make out images passing by in front of me and I knew something was there. You were the defrost button that slowly and methodically made everything I saw become clear, vivid and real.
Cheryl Belnap, Author

I can’t say enough good things about Penny Callmeyer. Working with her has been an incredibly positive experience. She is an expert project manager that cares about her clients and guides them, set-by-step, through the complexities of the book publishing process. When complete, you will have a quality-looking book with an attractive cover, excellent layout design with quality printing. And if that is not enough Penny can help position your book in the marketplace for maximum results. On top of all of the above, her fees for services rendered (a variable) have always been fair.
As you can see, I think very highly of Penny and highly recommend her services to anyone thinking of independently publishing their own book.
George DeFillipo, Protect Yourself From Violence

Penny, you are articulate, you are bright, you are personable, you are persuasive, you know your profession, you know your competitors, you have a personal code of ethics, you have an extensive professional background, you are a demon for detail, you are published, you always concentrate on getting your client the best deal, you know the law, you deal with copyrights and patents, and you know agency law .…. These are (at least some of) your qualifications as an expert.
Edwin J. Ricketts
Licensed Real Estate Broker * Counselor * Educator * Expert Witness

My compliments to Penny Callmeyer for the processes she established and directed which led to the publication of my novel.  Every publishing phase was initiated and accomplished through Penny in the most professional, quality-driven, and timely manner.  Penny directed the superb layout and design through one of her exceptionally talented associates, and she ensured all publishing requirements and legal aspects were satisfied; and, the finished product – the book itself – was printed and bound in first class quality fashion.  Penny effectively followed up on all of the milestones she established to see the project through to completion, and she was always available when needed.  I am delighted with the publication and availability of my novel, which was achieved so smoothly through Penny’s management.  It does go without saying that Penny Callmeyer’s knowledge of the printing and publishing industry is outstanding, as is her organizational skills, and her wonderful outgoing and pleasant manner when working with customers.  To top it off, Penny and I had a lot of fun seeing the publication of my book through to its perfect completion.Michael Brian Brussin
Author,The Aura of Destiny, For King & Kaiser (I’m currently doing Developmental Editing on Michael’s 3rd book 1/23) 

Penny Callmeyer is one of the most professional women in the book publishing industry.  She is extremely well versed in all the ins and outs of how to publish a book without the struggles and problems that most authors encounter when faced with the prospects of trying to get a book published without the incompetence of most vanity publishers.  Her expertise has depth and breath.  I also wanted Penny to edit my book and her comprehensive attention to the details of my book, 60, Sex & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer, was incredibly helpful. I had less stress and anxiety while Penny shepherded my book through the various stages of publication.  Penny is totally present for the author and she is my go-to professional consultant for my next book. ~Joan Moran

“Penny is great at getting the job done, even under tough deadlines. She is also very, very helpful in explaining and educating the printing process.” … Bill Fessler, Former President, AzBookPub.com

“Penny has been a professional colleague of mine for over 14 years. She is both personable and knowledgable in the printing publishing area and has the ability to understand all points of view and sides to an issue, problem or project. She has great rapport with customers and treats all with whom she works with respect and kindness. It has been a complete pleasure working with Penny for all these years and intend to continue the relationship for many years to come.” … Lisa Ullrey, Implementations Project Manager, Arvato Digital Services worked directly with Penny at Bertelsmann Industry Services, Bertelsmann Services Inc., Arvato Services USA

“Penny is a hard worker and can solve any problem quickly and efficiently. Many times she has worked beyond business hours to complete projects to perfection. Her joy and touching personality makes it a pleasure to work with her and everyone that I have recommended Penny to has thanked me.”… Dr. Ava Cadell

For the last 20 years, Penny has been my printer rep. Time after time, she has gone out of her way to lift the printing burden off my shoulders. I highly recommend her…Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D

Penny knows the business. Having worked in publishing for years, she suggested ways to make our publication better. Also, she kept an eye on the production to avoid oversights a customer might not see. In my case, she went above and beyond to guarantee our book arrived in time for our veteran reception. Finally, Penny treats you like a friend, not just a customer… Barbara Hatch

Penny has been invaluable in helping us get jobs out and keeping the lines of communication open so everything runs smoothly. Plus, she gave me a bottle of her favorite orange nail polish…Ellen Knill

“Penny  and I have worked together for several years  and I have found her to be responsive, honest  and knowledgeable  in our dealings. I have published  a number of books and have several more planned in the near future and you can be sure that I will be calling Penny  for my printing needs”…..Charles Irion

I have been intimately involved in the production of ABPA member Mantoshe Singh Devji’s new book, THE SECRET LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. Given the scope, complexity, nature and expense involved in the creation of this particular book it has been an extremely complicated and stressful process.The professionalism and input of Penny Callmeyer has been invaluable to its success, and the book has now been accepted for representation by a top international literary agent due in part I’m sure to the product we were able to create and present with Penny’s help. Her knowledge of every stage of the production and design process was illustrated time and time again and her willingness to put that knowledge into action, above and beyond her interests in the project provided the author with a great deal of comfort and surety…….Ike Devji

I want to thank you Penny for standing beside me and encouraging me to complete my book “Plucky the Featherless Chicken.” You are a true professional and a wonderful person. You have helped me and steered me in the right direction from the beginning. Thank you again and I am anxious to start my next book.
Thanks again,
Suzanne Spoon

“Penny, as a printer’s representative, has been invaluable in helping me publish two books and navigating the complex book publishing world. Her in-depth knowledge, after her many years in the business, gives confidence that she knows all of the in and outs. The prices she quotes are very reasonable and she is willing to go back to the printers and negotiate. Her honesty is also something I really appreciate. I recommend her without reservation.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Shelley Gillespie
hired Penny as a Publishing Consultant in 2010, and hired Penny more than once


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15 07 2010

You go, girl! Penny is the best in the biz!

19 09 2014
Gerald Facciani

My wife and I have been working with Penny for the last few months. Karen and I are extremely impressed with Penny’s “team” of professionals to whom she has referred us, as well as her absolute compulsiveness in staying on top of the details and always returning phone calls and emails immediately after we initiate any communication. Self-publishing a book in print and every other form of media is extremely complex, and Penny has enabled us to save an enormous amount of time by her stewardship and guidance through the process.

19 09 2014
thebookexpert/Tiger Lilly Enterprises

Thanks Jerry and Karen, it’s been my pleasure to shepherd your book!

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