THE AURA OF DESTINY – A gripping novel of time and chance.

10 07 2013

GetAttachmentPeter Matthews has directed a strange diary to his father, Jack – who will not be born for almost two hundred years. Reported drowned off the coast of Tahiti, Peter describes in his manuscript how a shimmering rainbow-like aura sent him hurtling more than two hundred years back in time. While gripping events challenge him in his new world, Peter – who is given the Tahitian name Manu – falls in love with the beautiful native girl Tiare. As the warrior Manu, he leads his province in battle against a powerful enemy, and over time witnesses history repeat itself; and he describes how extraordinary developments carry him to Jamaica where his life will once again hang in the balance. Determined to learn the truth behind the manuscript, Jack Matthews locates Dr. Heinrich Werner, a psychiatrist who knew Peter while also vacationing in Tahiti, and who Peter had mentioned in his diary. After meeting Dr. Werner and hearing his theories behind the manuscript, the two men embark on a riveting search for Peter in Tahiti. The Aura of Destiny is a roller coaster ride of adventure and suspense told in the present day and eighteenth century Tahiti. It is the love story of Peter and Tiare; it relives key moments in history; it captures the island’s beauty and culture; and, its electrifying ending just might take your breath away.

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