Boob (f) or Life

2 01 2014


When Gina was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she experienced myriad emotions which she relates in her book, Boobs for Life. Through fear, anger, and anxiety which eventually gave way to understanding and acceptance, Gina tells us all how she endured surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in an effort to become and stay cancer-free.
Boobs for life is more than a story about cancer though. It is a story which will inspire others to face their demons head-on. Whether you are currently fighting cancer, are a cancer-survivor, or just love someone who is, Boobs for Life will take you on a journey from the hell that is breast cancer diagnosis through all the phases of treatment. With Boobs for Life you will come to know Gina as a champion and not a victim. She was a woman with a family, a career, and a life that was derailed by the unexpected. Gina did not give up, and in her stories you will find that faith and love can help you conquer anything! Available on Amazon, visit: Read the rest of this entry »