Protect Yourself From Violence

2 01 2014


“Protect Yourself From Violence- Tactics, Tools and Preparations” is an indispensable guide to your personal survival in an increasingly violent world. The information provided in “Protect Yourself From Violence” will go a long way to keeping you and your family from becoming victims of violence.
You will learn in “Protect Yourself From Violence” effective tactics of how to interact with the world around you so danger is minimized. You will also learn what tools can effectively protect you that make sense and are legal. Lastly, you will learn what preparations that you can do which will make you safer.
In addition, you will learn in “Protect Yourself From Violence” the key concepts and benefits of being safe such as: the color code system of awareness, the power of having force multipliers, the value of deterrents and the importance of having effective weapons and other self-defense tools.
You and your family can be safer by following the advice presented in “Protect Yourself From Violence”. This advice was hard earned by the author. You don’t have to be a victim in the future. Take charge of your safety. Assess how safe you currently are (an assessment is included in this book). Then take the information in “Protect Yourself From Violence- Tactics, Tools and Preparations” to greatly reduce the chance of something bad happening to you. You Don’t Have To Be A Victim of Criminal Violence!
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