17 04 2014

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“This is a must have reference book for police, prosecutors, judges,
defense attorneys, and gun owners. California’s gun laws are far more complicated than
even the professionals realize.”
—Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney (Ret.)
The New, Improved, and Expanded Second Edition of California Gun Laws – a guide to state and federal firearm regulations is Now Available!

If you choose to have a gun in California, this book could keep you out of jail! Order the new 2nd Edition of the popular reference book California Gun Laws, A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations by renowned firearms lawyer C.D. Michel – the attorney who brought us the tremendous victory in Peruta v. San Diego, a landmark decision on “shall issue” carry licenses.

Packed with the results of thousands of hours of legal research worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and chock-full of insights drawn from C.D. Michel’s 20 years of experience in state and federal courts, this 500+ page comprehensive resource and reference book can be ordered now.

The 2nd Edition covers the important new gun laws that took effect on January 1, 2014 and answers the most frequently asked questions about California firearms laws such as:

When can you use deadly force?
Who can possess a gun?
When are you permitted to have a gun?
Where can you have a gun?
How must a gun be possessed?
How do you get your gun rights back?
Which guns are banned?
How do you get your guns back from the police?
Can you carry a gun in public?

Don’t Become An Accidental Criminal

Having firearms for self-defense, sport, and hunting is your individual constitutional right. But exercising that right carries extraordinary responsibilities. Along with your responsibility to know and follow safety procedures, you also have an obligation to comply with all applicable state, federal, and local laws. The 2nd Edition of California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations explores and explains the California firearms laws that affect firearm owners.

There are over 800 California state statutes regulating the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and use of firearms. There are thousands of overlapping federal laws regulating firearms. And there are hundreds of administrative regulations, local ordinances, and California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms’ written and unwritten policies that also apply to California gun owners. With all the overlapping regulations, it’s no wonder that confusion runs rampant among California gun owners, as well as among police, prosecutors, and judges.

On top of this already byzantine regulatory scheme, on January 1, 2012, California’s firearms laws were completely reorganized and re-numbered. Because of the complexity of the laws, inadvertent violations by well-intentioned good people are increasingly common. In the politicized legal environment of California “gun-control” laws, the consequences of even an inadvertent violation can be severe.

To protect yourself, you need to know the law. This book will help. Don’t become an accidental criminal! The 2nd Edition of California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations tells you how to legally buy, own, transport and possess firearms; when it is legal to use deadly force; and how to – or whether you can – get your firearms or firearm rights back if they are taken away. The book warns about common legal “traps” and troublesome “gray areas” that California firearm owners often unintentionally fall into, and ensures that those who are subject to these complex firearms laws can avoid violating them. This book also helps educate those tasked with enforcing the law about firearms laws so they can avoid mistaken arrests and prosecutions.
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