7 07 2014

Trade net revenue in fell 2.3%, to $14.63 billion, while units dropped 1.7%, to 2.32
billion. Adult nonfiction was the fastest-growing trade category (revenue up 5.4% and
units up 2.8%), surpassing children’s/YA, which had been the fastest-growing trade
category the previous two years.
Ebook revenue fell 0.7%, to $3.06 billion, but more units were sold than in the previous
year (up 10.1%, to 465.5 million).
Downloaded audiobooks hit all-time highs in both revenue (up 19.2%, to $272.8 million)
and units (up 14.2%, to $34.7 million).
Publishers’ net revenue from sales online of both digital and print products ($7.54
billion) is now higher than revenue from products sold in bricks-and-mortar stores
($7.12 billion)



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