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11 09 2017


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11 07 2017

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10 07 2017

How to Negotiate Book Sales with Deceitful Buyers

2 09 2016

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How to Negotiate Book Sales with Deceitful Buyers

Shares of Barnes & Noble rose to a two-year high

9 09 2014

Yippee for the brick and mortar store!


7 07 2014

Trade net revenue in fell 2.3%, to $14.63 billion, while units dropped 1.7%, to 2.32
billion. Adult nonfiction was the fastest-growing trade category (revenue up 5.4% and
units up 2.8%), surpassing children’s/YA, which had been the fastest-growing trade
category the previous two years.
Ebook revenue fell 0.7%, to $3.06 billion, but more units were sold than in the previous
year (up 10.1%, to 465.5 million).
Downloaded audiobooks hit all-time highs in both revenue (up 19.2%, to $272.8 million)
and units (up 14.2%, to $34.7 million).
Publishers’ net revenue from sales online of both digital and print products ($7.54
billion) is now higher than revenue from products sold in bricks-and-mortar stores
($7.12 billion)


9 09 2013

Repost from Dan Poynter’s enewsletter Sept. 2013

In April, total net book sales fell 3.1%, to $828.4 million, compared to April 2012,
representing sales of 1,193 publishers and distributed clients as reported to the
Association of American Publishers.
Ebook results were all over the lot. The biggest gainers overall were university and
religious ebooks categories at 75% and 42.3%, respectively. At the same time, the
category with the biggest drop was children’s/YA ebooks, down 64.8%. The largest
ebook category in sales–adult ebooks–rose 7.1%, down from its triple-digit gains of a year or two ago.